Sour Bill Lollipop

Sour Bill fanning King Candy

Sour Bill is the secondary antagonist of Wreck-It Ralph, but in the end, he reformed. He is King Candy's former personal adviser/assistant.


Sour Bill: A Tiny Little Ball of Unsweetness

As King Candy's diminutive henchman, Sour Bill is often left to handle the stickier situations—but this long-faced little ball isn't exactly happy about his depressing duties.

Sour Bill is King Candy's personal lackey. True to his name, he has a sour disposition and doesn't care for his king very much, likely obeying him more out of fear than anything else.


Sour Bill is a small, green candy ball that resembles a sour ball. He has large, round, green eyes characterized by their heavy lids and dark, baggy circles; this gives him a perpetually tired and worn look. His mouth is small and often frowning. Bill has small, jellybean-like arms and legs that are detached and float independently from his body.

He also used various hand-held items to assist King Candy. The microphone, for introducing King Candy, the lollipop, for fanning King Candy, the rope, for holding King Candy, and the pan and duster for cleaning Sugar Rush. He wore a white hat one time in the film, when cleaning the Candy Kart.


Sour Bill takes on an extremely melancholy disposition, often talking with a monotone voice with little to no facial expressions. Despite this, however, he was extremely loyal to Turbo/King Candy until he redeemed himself. He tends to complain often, but doesn't take much action.


  • Sour Bill is sometimes thought to be the former tertiary (and a minor) antagonist of the first film.
  • Sour Bill is likely a sour lime or green apple flavor due to his color.
  • Ralph is the only character who has tasted his sour flavor ("Oh, they call you Sour Bill for a reason!") because Ralph stuck him in his mouth to torture him when he was trying to find out why Vanellope wasn't allowed to race.
  • Sour Bill seems not to care too much about who is in charge of Sugar Rush. At first, this seems to be because he doesn't like King Candy, but he doesn't seem to care even when Vanellope is revealed to be the real princess, appearing bored as he announces her the sovereign.
  • It is possible that his design may be a reference to Rayman, who also has hands and feet which are not attached to his body, despite them acting as if they are, thus calling Sour Bill a limbless sour candy.
  • He hates it when people put him in their mouths.
  • He might be King Candy's 2nd-in-command when King Candy is gone because of King Candy's comment to Sour Bill "You're in charge of the castle until I get back."